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Forests help reduce the impact of flooding by delaying and reducing the size of floods, dispersing the water in a more gradual manner than over bare ground.

causes of afforestation

Out of this has emerged much practical experience. Climate change can have some major effects on the growth and health on newly planted trees.

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Siyag, Bonn, Germany, , pp. But at the same time awareness among the common people is greatly needed. Conclusion Afforesting is a positive effort in curbing the over-use and destruction of natural forests. In North America, as temperatures rise in the west and winters are becoming warmer, the pine beetle populations aren't dying out as they are supposed to in the winter. Spain today has the fifth largest forest area in the European Union. In a natural forest or woodland, the trees are heterogeneous. Steps must be taken to create massive people's movement with involvement of women to achieve the objectives and minimise pressure on existing forests. Alpine and Subalpine regions have undergone a lot of deforestation and then forestation in the last years.

Together these may lead to desertification and the loss of topsoil ; without soil, forests cannot grow until the long process of soil creation has been completed - if erosion allows this.

Forests to attract rain[ edit ] Several new studies suggest that forests attract rain and this may explain why drought is occurring more frequently in parts of the world such as western Africa.

For example, in arid zones, once forest cover is destroyed, the land may become dry and inhospitable for the growth of new trees. This has helped provide wood to be used for charcoal, poles, mining timber, paper pulp, and other commercial applications.

introduction of afforestation

Bythe amount of planted forest in China covered 79m hectares.

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