Workplace carcinogens

Prohibited and restricted carcinogens Some carcinogens have been identified as presenting an unacceptable risk to workers and are prohibited or have restricted uses under Schedule 10 to the model WHS Regulations.

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There are numerous types of cancer, each with its own name and treatment and different types of cancer have their different sets of causes. Examples of occupations and occupational groups that have been associated with occupational cancer are listed in the following table Occupations or Occupational Groups Associated with Carcinogen Exposure.

Check with your local department or ministry responsible for occupational health and safety for more information.

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Chemical carcinogens - a number of chemicals are known to be carcinogenic. American Journal of Occupational Medicine. Wayne Higgs was diagnosed with maxillary cancer which may have been caused by a glue he used in his work environment.

Fortunately, there are several organizations that evaluate the available information according to specific criteria.

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In addition to the primary duties of care, there are specific duties related to prohibited or restricted carcinogens. Identifying carcinogens is complicated.

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Carcinogens in the workplace