Uppercut left hook

Uppercut left hook

Try to exit the combo to your right or left if southpaw. Such punches are powerful, but they are slow and easier to be seen. Do the same with other combinations faking the first punch or maybe the second punch. These basic boxing combinations should be mastered to the point where you can do them going forwards, backwards, sideways, and with your eyes closed.

Or throw it faster next time. Many fighters twist their hips into their uppercuts as their only form of building momentum.

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Shadowboxing will help you learn the technique and when sparring you will learn how to use it in a real fight situation. Your opponent may be tricked by your well-timed leading rear straight, which gives you a small window to land a swift and deftly-timed left uppercut.

It basically means the timing of your movements and punches when boxing. Distance If you control the distance, you control the fight.

Left right uppercut song

In either case, throwing a right uppercut into there will do a ton of damage and lift his head up so you can follow up with a left hook — right hand finish. Aim for the solar plexus, and there may be a chance of stopping the fight. If you have a similar problem like me in the beginning to unconsciously move your hand before punching , try to throw punches in front of a mirror. Let me know in the comments below:. You can easily be countered with a straight punch as you come forward. Rhythm: You can throw the cross immediately after the jab or wait for a moment. Then catch him with the cross as he lowers his guard. November 17, admin Technique Breakdowns 0 Iron Mike Tyson was one of the most powerful fighters to ever lace up gloves. And the opposite — look at his body when you want to start the combination with a head punch. Our goal is to hurt the body. But, unlike it, here we are aiming first at the head and then to the body.

You can aim at different places on the head — the chin, forehead, or the sides of the face; On the body — the liver, stomach, solar plexus etc. We will discuss that later when we describe the top 10 combinations.

Left right left right uppercut song

You can just change the way you throw certain punches to create infinitely more ways to get through to your opponent. If you want to land such shot clean, always try to set it up with a quick jab. In the beginning, you will probably try to put power in every shot. Such punches are powerful, but they are slow and easier to be seen. As there are many kicks, knees, and even elbows which can be set up off the back of punch combinations, this really adds depth to your skill-set. Your opponent might get clever and try to slip the right hand. I also like this combo, because when using it, even if the opponent blocks the straight shots you can throw the hook around his guard and catch him. Such combos are more dangerous because you can leave yourself open when doing them, but if you land them the impact will be greater. And then you can land a clean lead uppercut to the head and finish the combo with a powerful cross.
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Top 10 Basic Boxing Combinations (plus how to use them)