Understanding the formation of acid rain and its negative effects

What is Acid Rain? Normal rain has a pH of about 5. Your data shall be processed in order to send you information, through the subscription to our Newsletter through electronic means, regarding our services, products, activities and news pertinent to your activity sectors, which are specified on the Web Site, as well as those of other companies that comprise the Acciona Group, which can be consulted on the Web Site at www.

Acid rain also removes minerals and nutrients from the soil that trees need to grow. Acid rain formed with dust or gasses is called dry deposition.

harmful effects of acid rain in points

Credit: Lovecz, Wikimedia. But in areas, such as some of the Rocky Mountains and parts of the northwestern and southeastern United States, where limestone does not naturally occur in the soil, acid rain can harm the environment.

Acid rain is not limited to the region where sources are located. Many industrial sources of sulfur dioxide are located in the eastern U.

Effects of acid rain on plants

However, sheltered areas on limestone and marble buildings and monuments show blackened crusts that have spalled peeled off in some places, revealing crumbling stone beneath. But recovery takes time, and soils in the northeastern U. Sandstone is also primarily composed of silica and is thus resistant. This is especially true of trees at high elevations in various regions of the U. The major biological source of sulfur compounds is dimethyl sulfide. The normal pH of rain is around 5. Nitrogen oxides are formed through the extreme heating of air when a thunderstorm produces lightning. Acid rain leaches aluminum from the soil. That combination makes waters toxic to crayfish, clams, fish, and other aquatic animals. Bibliography American Chemical Society. A few sandstones are less resistant because they contain a carbonate cement that dissolves readily in weak acid.

The use of tall smokestacks to reduce local pollution has contributed to the spread of acid rain by releasing gases into regional atmospheric circulation. Solutions There are several solutions to stopping manmade acid rain.

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What is acid rain and how is it formed?