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By taking this further we can note that while this use case realization takes account of the executeOrder event and the removeOrder action shown on the state diagram, it does not account for the addOrder event. Recently, the Object Management Group OMG released a beta specification, called Diagram Definition DDto formally define both the interchange syntax and the graphical syntax of diagrams.

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In terms of traceability, this use-case-independent assessment of the Order Book expected behavior has already highlighted a potential correction to our original use case specifications. We highlight various design decisions and discuss challenges of using DD in practice.

What if Dick had two different types of contracts, long-term rentals leases and short —term rentals. What graphical model documents time- dependent behavior?

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A Limit Order is created with the target price. At some time the object is created, it then goes through various stages, and finally it is deleted.

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What are some ways to initially identify classes? Identify the important attributes 4. We have also used this particular class diagram to illustrate something else. Contract Item connects to the correct Boat Assembly and gets boat details, including the amount to charge for the rental ,which it returns to Contract.

It should be possible to addOrder to the OrderBook when is it Empty thus changing its state to Populatedand also to addOrder when it is Populated thus leaving it in the same state.

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Diagram Definition: A Case Study with the UML Class Diagram