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We'll discuss on Tuesday. However, the poet solves the problem, with the alliterations in -m and -t, when he writes "Cooling like beads of molten metal". The two last lines are very important since the first is a reference to the water lily and the nature, whereas the last one is a reference to the war and violence "horror".

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The poem goes beyond the dichotomy between Good and Bad: the text doesn't tell that the wars are very awful, or that violence comes from human beings The editors suggest the poem's tone is "critical but nonetheless affectionate" or "grotesquely comic" and that to read the poem as not comic is to simplify the poem Think what worse Is the pond-bed's matter of course; Prehistoric bedragoned times Crawl that darkness with Latin names, Have evolved no improvements there, Jaws for heads, the set stare, Ignorant of age as of hour- Now paint the long-necked lily-flower Which, deep in both worlds, can be still As a painting, trembling hardly at all Though the dragonfly alight, Whatever horror nudge her root.

The shifting diversity of tone, the personification of the two ladies, and the metaphor of the battlefield all depict Hughes's aspect of the pond. Saturday, April 27, Poetry Essay 2 To Paint a Water Lily is a beautiful poem that describes a lily pond and it's surroundings in nature.

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So it has a link with the Creation, as the Poem: questioning about nature is in fact a way to question about Creation in general. Words have always fascinated Pinsky, though it was his failure as a saxophone player that finally pushed him into poetry. Could the poem be read as a traditional romantic description? In the speaker's eyes, there seems to be so much more in the surroundings of the lily, and the lily seems to be unaware of what is going on. It fits in with the etymology in the term "nature", which comes from the latine "natura" from "natus", the past participle of "nasci" which means "to be born". The speaker initially is observing his main attraction, the lily, when a dragonfly comes into his sight. It's as if he is slowly realizing the reality of what is going on in nature. Firstly, the poet seems to give a piece of advice to a painter, whereas he is a poet and he uses words and the language which is the material of the writer. The terms "rainbow" and "spectrum" have the same referent in the world but there is a difference in the language register: "rainbow" is known especially by the children, since they draw some rainbows to learn the name of different colours, whereas "spectrum" is more scientific. Creation is a way to go beyond the opposition built between a good nature and the violence. Indeed, the construction of the poem shows an evolution: the two first stanzas talk about the water lily. It insists on the ambiguity of the flower itself: the water lily is not only a plant, it becomes, with the passing lines, a sort of incarnation of a lady which even has human being thoughts and feelings The poet has to make a link between "battle" and "shouts", between "death" and "cries" to create new sensations, giving power to the language. Saturday, April 27, Poetry Essay 2 To Paint a Water Lily is a beautiful poem that describes a lily pond and it's surroundings in nature. Posted by.

Posted by. Ted Hughes, To Paint a Water lily A green level of lily leaves Roofs the pond's chamber and paves The flies' furious arena: study These, the two minds of this lady.

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