Tiger woods improving his brand image

tiger woods back with nike

Previously, he held the top spot for nearly 12 years when his standing came crashing down along with his brand image. To have my own platform to communicate is the culmination of a lot of hard work from my team and the team at Discovery. Yang, the first time Woods failed to close out a hole lead at a major, followed that Thanksgiving by revelations of his marital scandal.

Nike has shown over time that only athletic performance matters for the most part.

nike stuck with tiger woods

In addition to Tiger's extraordinary success at a young age, he possessed many unique attributes that made him a brand marketer's dream. This will make fans switch from golf to other sportsmen in football, rugby, basketball, and athletics.

His name is widely known in the golfing sport. The Tiger Woods brand is definitely tarnished.

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How The Masters Revived 'The Tiger Effect' for Woods