There should be no compulsory school subjects essay

Should middle school students choose their own classes

Given a choice, they would rather concentrate on subjects in which they are good. Public and private school, most preferably in Indonesia, has one thing in common. Also, disciplining students by making some rules is a good way to use. Similarly, schools make certain activities compulsory. In my opinion, there should be more educational punishments rather than physical punishments. In this way, they would have a better chance of doing well in examinations. In my opinion, a good system should have compulsory subjects and activities and also give students an option to choose some subjects. Certainly students, who are learning all subjects, are more intelligent. Thus students have to take these even though they have no interest in them or aptitude for them. To sum up, schools should teach their students how to become more discipline with the right ways.

They will become more depressed and that affects their productivity. In a primary and secondary school students should learn all subjects to discover what is interesting for them. A big thing, starts from a simple thing.

high school students should be allowed to study the subjects of their choice essay

In my opinion, there are three solutions to avoid some mistakes during the schools subjects. This action will make even worse conditions. However, English is the key to learning other subjects. Moreover, stronger students might fight back. At least, we need to understand the fundamentals.

why students shouldnt choose their subjects

I think these students must learn subjects, what they need in high school.

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