The influence of ancient greece on

how has ancient greece influenced our culture today

The participants were the city-states of Ancient Greece and its colonies. As the first society to focus on nude subjects, Greek sculptors attempted to "depict man in what they believed was the image of the gods and so would come to celebrate the body by striving for verisimilitude or true — likeness realism and naturalism!

These 13 colonies would become the first states of the newly established country.

The influence of ancient greece on

Aristarchus This astronomer and mathematician was the first to create a model with a sun at the center of the known universe with the Earth revolving around it. Byzantine instruments included the guitar, single, double or multiple flute, sistrum, timpani drumpsaltirio, Sirigs, lyre, cymbals, keras and kanonaki.

They chose to structure the United States as a representative democracy. When he died in BC, the Romans took over. By agreeing to follow the Rule of Law, the United States can prevent abuses of power by leaders who might act as if they are above the law.

Taller than the Statue of Liberty, it was the second tallest structure of its day only the Great Pyramid of Giza was taller than it.

Ancient greek culture

These city-states acted independently for the most part. The scrolls are often engraved with an egg-and-dart motif, and the pillars feature four more flutes than doric columns. When the Greeks won, he ran 26 miles 42 km to Athens with the news — and then fell down dead. Here are some of the ways ancient Greeks changed the world. Constitution is still regularly referenced in law as the supreme law of the land and is enforced by the U. It also allows citizens to choose to elect a different person to represent them if they are dissatisfied with their current elected officials. Almost all Greek sculptures are of nude subjects. Ptolemy ordered the construction of a library which would contain over , scrolls of work. Photograph by Rob Crandall. Some of these dances have their origins in the ancient period and are still enacted in some form today. Regional characteristics have developed over the years because of variances in climatic conditions , land morphology and people's social lives. This is a terracotta statue of Nike, the goddess of victory.

In the United States today, the Rule of Law is a principle that ensures that all laws are publicly accessible, equally enforced, and independently judged and that they adhere to international human rights ethics. They held cymbals very like the zilia of today or a kerchief in their hands, and their movements were emphasized by their long sleeves.

Eratosthenes also calculated the tilt of the Earth's axis, and eventually became the chief librarian of the Library of Alexandria.

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Greek Influence on U.S. Democracy