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And in the very next heartbeat, there's a certain bitter in loosening your hold on what could've been. In this chapter she talks about starting a collection.

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A cop pulls him over and asks, "Where have you been? When you were thirsty today did you have to walk 4 miles for clean water to drink? Leo Babauta once did it on zenhabits. There are thousands of books on finding happiness. She admits that she nags and is often argumentative, so I will grudgingly give her points for honesty. There's a certain sadness to that. Sorry I'm not taking your advice on that one right now, Gretchen.

I'm not convinced this is the best one. What the hell are we so unhappy about?

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However, Gretchen says that if you spend your money consciously, and make few, but targeted purchases, that the short burst of happiness you get is not only real, but also leads to a feeling of growth. The question that remains is, what is happy? I help parents and teachers raise and teach safe, wise, and kind digital kids. Sorry I'm not taking your advice on that one right now, Gretchen. Oh, but I did. She encourages us to make time for friends and to be there. It means a lot. November: Keep a contented heart.

Life is so sweet, so full, so promising -- but we can only taste so much of it. For example, Gretchen bought an expensive food processor, but now uses it every day to make delicious smoothies for herself and her family, which increases her health, helps her connect with her husband and daughters, and puts her in a good mood.

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Where does this pressing NEED for happiness come from? There's a sweetness to owning your dreams so tightly and vividly that you can taste them while they're still just dreams. There's a certain sadness to that. I'll never join a group with ease, not stand up for what I believe, or fake smoothed feelings. I like simplicity. Sitting on the bus one day, she realizes her life is zipping along and wonders if she can't make her days happier, and write a book about it and make some money. Gretchen did it and wrote a book about it. The very first area of her life Gretchen looked at was her health, her energy, as she calls it. What exactly are we seeking?

Each one is kissed with her Twelve Commandments, the first of which is Be Gretchen. I will admit that after reading the chapter, I cleaned out my closets. And I'm waiting, almost patiently, to tell him all about it.

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