The examination of politics and science in niccolo machiavellis the prince

A notable example is Scipio Africanus. What matters the most, politically speaking, is stability of public life and especially acquisitions, coupled with the recognition that such a life is always under assault from those who are dissatisfied.

If this hypothesis is true, then his moral position would be much more complicated than it appears to be. InMachiavelli met Cesare Borgia for the first time e. This is not necessarily true in every case. Corruption is a moral failing and more specifically a failing of reason.

In the first sentence, Machiavelli uses the word " state " Italian stato which could also mean " status " in order to cover, in neutral terms, "all forms of organization of supreme political power, whether republican or princely.

machiavelli political philosophy summary

But Machiavelli went much further than any other author in his emphasis on this aim, and Gilbert associates Machiavelli's emphasis upon such drastic aims with the level of corruption to be found in Italy. Conspiracy is very difficult and risky in such a situation. Fortuna is the enemy of political order, the ultimate threat to the safety and security of the state.

The philosopher should therefore take care not to disclose his own lack of belief or at least should attack only impoverished interpretations of religion rather than religion as such.

The Discourses makes clear that conventional Christianity saps from human beings the vigor required for active civil life CW —, — Some scholars go so far as to claim that it is the highest good for Machiavelli.

Concomitantly, a Machiavellian perspective directly attacks the notion of any grounding for authority independent of the sheer possession of power.

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Niccolò Machiavelli (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)