The causes of the war of 1812

Princeton: Princeton University Press, Jackson, who soon proved himself persona non grata to the U.

Causes of the war of 1812 essay

Further, Canada was a part of the Empire and offered a border hundreds of miles long which included dozens of potential invasion routes. In reality, many historians believe the claims of Indian attacks being instigated by the British were exaggerated and were merely an excuse to conquer and annex Canada. To do so would almost certainly provoke a conflict with other native groups further west and would require them to abandon their ancestral homelands to an uncertain future. The majority in Congress was held by the Jeffersonian Republican party, which split on the issue. The United States retaliated with the Embargo Act, which stopped all United States merchant vessels from sailing from United States ports and forbade commerce with any foreign nation. And there was a common, though deeply misguided, belief that it would be easy to achieve. Britain was not trying to provoke a war, and at one point cut its allocations of gunpowder to the tribes, but it was trying to build up its fur trade and friendly relations with potential military allies. The invasion proved to be a disaster when Hull surrendered Fort Detroit to the British that summer. Poor food, hard work, and harsh discipline caused British sailors to desert by the thousands. Later, larger conflicts, many with clear-cut victory at the end rather than an effective draw, have long overshadowed the War of —and yet, the decision to go to war created many of the follow-on precedents that framed future decisions to declare a state of war. Stagg, Mr. It was the first American Expansionary War. The British pressed onward, and Admiral Cochrane sought to invade Baltimore. On December 17, , Napoleon responded with the Milan Decree, which declared that the French navy would capture all ships trading with Great Britain or its colonies and confiscate their goods.

Such a deal, while possibly unconstitutional, simply could not be passed up—and when the purchase was concluded, it brought an enormous amount of unexplored territory to the United States.

Perkins, Bradford. New York: HarperCollins, Once the war began, American actions along the Canadian border tended to be frustrating at best, and Americans never came close to conquering the British territory.

The Chesapeake and Leopard affairwhich began when the British officer boarded the American ship demanding to seize sailors they considered to be deserters from British ships, nearly triggered a war.

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Moreover, the West suspected the British, with some justification, of attempting to prevent American expansion and of encouraging and arming the Native Americans. The war hawks came from the West and the South, regions that had supported economic warfare and were suffering the most from British restrictions at sea.

The causes of the war of 1812

Although the question of who fired first remains unresolved, the gun President made short work of the gun Little Belt, killing 9 sailors in the process. Captain James Barron refused the demand, citing that a warship was sovereign territory and not subject to search and seizure by the ships of a different nation. According to an article by the Office of the Historian on the U. The Embargo adversely affected all regions of the United States resulting in a depression that all but paralyzed the economy of the United States. Government after the treaty between Quashquame and William Henry Harrison. On June 18, , Madison signed a declaration of war against the Britain with the war beginning immediately. In , the U. When he assumed office, he soon moved to transfer the Five Civilized Tribes which had almost entirely refused to participate in the war west of the Mississippi River.

It was not. On June 23,the British government repealed the Orders in Council without knowing because of normal delays in transatlantic communication that the United States had declared war on Britain five days earlier.

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See Walter R. It was the first American Expansionary War.

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