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The decision that is made is focused on the outcome as shown in the figure above. However, the decision had to follow a protocol that took a lot of time and some of the decisions were being objected at different levels. Journal of management, 33 3 , Some of the models included neo-human relations, which entailed an approach that ensured that management could be able to motivate employees through satisfying their basic needs and giving attractive remunerations that would result in change of behaviour and thus affectivity in the company. It is important to understand organization behaviour so that decision making process and requirements of employees are addressed in the best ways that would not affect performance of a company Mullins, p. The message that Starbucks puts out there, has motivates their employees to fill the need that Starbucks communicated in their training. In the early s, Starbucks senior executive team, lead by Howard Schultz, and its partners Starbucks-speak for employees contributed to defining and shaping the companys core values, principles and culture when they penned the companys mission statement laying out the guiding principles behind the company. An organization that uses this approach is able to maintain it high predominance and growth.

Phillips, J. The problem involved misunderstandings between employees and management resulting in communication problem in the company, which greatly affected its productivity in New Zealand Mark, p. In addition, other models that were important in addressing the problem at Starbuck were human relations, contingency leadership model, system model, scientific leadership model, decision making model, and bureaucratic models.

According to MichelliStarbucks is more than just a story its culture, brand and product excellence continues to win glowing accolades.

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The decision affected the relationship between employees and management. The contingency models require leaders to adjust with the situation so that the performance of an organization is not affected.

Starbucks organizational behaviour

This control is used to keep a peaceful working environment, so instead of employees running to call the owner with their problems they go to the designated manager, and follow the chain of command. Corporate Cuture One of the main things that draw people to Starbucks is its culture. John Moore from Tribal Knowledge stated, People do not go to Starbucks to ingest the daily caffeine dosage; they go in search of warmth provided not only by the beverage but also by the human store ambient as well. Therefore, employees got impatient and they started reiterating through low performance and low productivity that affected greatly the performance of the company. According to Michelli , the Starbucks Experience has two very distinct levels in the company: its unique corporate culture and its passing down of these values to its partners. However, everyone has a different perspective, needs and willingness that shape their working styles to contribute to the organizational goal These dynamic forces are seen as driving forces and restraining forces. Organizational behavior: Tools for success. However, the growth was halt in when the company suffered loss that was caused by misunderstanding between various levels of management. Gelf, Erez, M. Why Good Communication is Good Business.

Michelli stated, In the spirit of Starbucks, these principles encourage us to listen and respond with a greater awareness of opportunity. Beverage preparation occupied even more training time, involving such activities as grinding the beans, steaming milk, learning to pull perfect to second shots of espresso, memorizing the recipes of all the different drinks, practicing making the different drinks and learning how to make drinks to customer specifications.

The bean roaster and retail store was originally started by three partners, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker.

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Everyone is drilled in the Star Skills, three guidelines for on-the-job interpersonal relations: 1 maintain and enhance self-esteem, 2 listen and acknowledge, and 3 ask for help. Consequently, the employees would not have reached to the extent of dissatisfaction and reduced performance. However, leaving the situation without a solution would result in strikes, which would further affect the reputation of the company in addition employees reduced performance. Organizational Behavior, Terms, and Concepts For a business to be successful there must be a well-built foundation amongst its human resources. The case required an immediate decision that would have maintained the motivation of employees and job satisfaction. Contingency model of leadership is one of organizational behaviour that has been adapted by many corporations that have found themselves in crisis and needs to save the company Zaccaro, P. Starbucks as an organization has specific rules that the employees must follow, for instance never let the coffee pot stand for more than 20 minutes, or do not heat the milk over degrees. The company has also been said to discriminate its employees by giving low wages as evidenced in Starbucks stores in New York Bussing-Burks, p. International perspectives on organizational behavior and human resource management. What Work Team - P What individual behavior issues might arise in managing these types of people.
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