Ramkinkar baij

He believed that it is only momentum that creates tension in a work of art.

Ramkinkar baij

Santhal Family by Ramkinkar Baij Ramkinkar Baij responded to the natural zest for life, and took a great interest in human figures, body language, and in the general human drama. According to one source, Baij regretted doing it because there was a belief that completion of any sculpture or portrait of living person might cause an early death, and Rabindranath died right after making the bust.

The use of cement and laterite mortar to model the figures, and the use of a personal style in which modern western and Indian pre-classical sculptural values were brought together was equally radical.

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This book is a collection of all those articles on Baij's life. I would say it was done in the late s. His works are in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi and in several private and public collections.

Read More Ramkinkar Baij was the earliest Indian artist to experiment with abstract sculptural forms.

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The Story of Indian Art # Ramkinkar Baij