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Cengiz and Tetik 3 focused on the aspect of obtaining permission and the mobile phone user's acceptance of mobile phone messages and provided services.

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Chances are, some if not all of your customers are a part of that percentage. This has shown the following: The impact of usability, acceptance, interaction and recollection was positive, although weak, on consumer attitudes toward allowing permission-based mobile marketing.

Try using a photo or a video to tell the story instead of a long article. The model relied on collecting notes from a survey conducted on mobile phone users on the global system for mobile communications GSM in Turkey.

questionnaire on mobile phones

Your business is already mobile because your audience is reading your emails, viewing your website, and searching for you with their phones. A second questionnaire was then developed and sent to academicians in marketing departments in different Jordanian universities in order to evaluate it and provide guidance through their views and suggestions in finalizing the questionnaire.

Price offers through mobile marketing offer unique opportunities.

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The study sample consisted of users of mobile phones and concluded the following: The content of the advertising message plays an effective role in attracting users, while repeating the message will have a significant negative impact on its acceptance. If you want your audience to open and engage with your emails, you need to create messages that are short and easy to read. It provided the users with the ability to accept or reject sent messages. You can also achieve a mobile-friendly email without worrying about the technology behind it. You can also take a regular template and apply the tips listed above for simple and effective messages. Due to information overload, people are opting to read their messages on the go from a mobile device. They share information through mobile phones and social networks. Dimension 5 : Attitudes, questions 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and

The study by Smutkupt et al 12 p. How is mobile changing viewing habits?

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Factors affecting consumer attitudes towards mobile marketing