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Machiavelli says the prince only has to seem good, not be good. Dear Sirs, Prof. Soc Sci Med.

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Legislation by itself would not suffice because violence against women is a deep rooted social problem. On slightest provocation they indulge in rowdyism, and go berserk destroying college property. It should be understood that the problem of student unrest is purely-psychological in character.

As a result of persistent violence from the animals, they achieve unlimited freedom towards work and pleasure.

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Is it better to remain in the cave with Machiavelli, or see the light with Socrates? A few decades ago China saw student violence for democracy which was crushed down brutally. It focused on issues such as discrimination against women, violence against women, etc. Hindu marriage Act, psychotic illness and women: The Indian paradox. The Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women CEDAW , ,[ 35 ] to which countries are members, is a landmark document because it framed violence against women within the framework of human rights. It was "Trudeaumania". Women engaged in small business and farming were more likely to be abused than women who were housewives or who had occupational status equal to that of husbands. Government is making frantic efforts to find solutions. Constitutional principles are a position from which we operate justly.

Adolf Hitler came to power inat a time when the Weimar Republic was crumbling in on its self. As a result, she could not be held liable for her actions. Instances of violence against women in ancient India are mentioned.

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