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It was launched on January , and successfully made its closest approach to Pluto on July 14, These icy plains also display dark streaks that are a few miles long, and aligned in the same direction. It is the smallest planet in the solar system. Since the dwarf planet's orbit is so eccentric, or far from circular, Pluto's distance from the sun can vary considerably. In , astronomers discovered that Pluto had a very large moon nearly half the dwarf planet's own size. Many issues have arisen from the debate whether or not Pluto is a planet. Most of the combined matter became Pluto, while the rest spun off to become Charon, this idea suggests. The moon may have also possessed its own version of plate tectonics , which cause geologic change on Earth. What are the implications for the future of other planets in our solar system? This star is called a "White Dwarf" because of its color. Chemical composition: Pluto probably consists of a mixture of 70 percent rock and 30 percent water ice.

It takes a radio signal moving at the speed of light around 4 hours to travel from Earth to Pluto. Including the Pioneer spacecrafts that are about to pass the orbit of Pluto. However if you look at a scientific encyclopedia the definition is much different and more specific.

It is likely that Hydra's surface is coated primarily in water ice. Once Mike Brown and his team officially discovered the tenth planet, Xena, later renamed Eris, being slightly larger than Pluto, many scientists were skeptical as to whether Eris and Pluto should truly be considered a planet.

This region of Pluto's surface lacks craters caused by meteorite impacts, suggesting that the area is, on a geologic timescale, very young — no more than million years old.

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Many issues have arisen from the debate whether or not Pluto is a planet. Pluto was discovered by coincidence while Clyde W Tombaugh was in search for planet X. A satellite-telescope has been launched last week to detect the heat from where this unknown gravitational pull is coming from. Because it is packed so tightly the star is now as big as planet Earth. Essays - Pluto: A Planet. But the New Horizons design team equipped the space probe with tools to protect it during its journey. Haumea has an extreme elongation that makes it unique. As a kid, I was always fascinated by Pluto; since it was the smallest of the 9 planets. Pluto is about thirty-nine times as far from the sun as Earth is. However if you look at a scientific encyclopedia the definition is much different and more specific. In , scientists photographed Pluto with the Hubble Space Telescope in preparation for the New Horizons mission and discovered two other tiny moons of Pluto , now dubbed Nix and Hydra. Thus being tidally locked, Pluto and Charon continuously face each other as they travel through space. Although Pluto has many characteristics that make up a planet, it did not meet the requirements of the new definition of the word "Planet" that was proposed by the IAU

It's possible that this region is still being shaped and changed by geologic processes. Average distance from the sun: 3,, miles 5,, km — It sounds like something from a science fiction movie.

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Pluto is a very controversial planet. Many issues have arisen from the debate whether or not Pluto is a planet.

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Charon's diameter is around half the size of Pluto's. Freedman it goes in debt about how Pluto went from being a planet in the solar system to being a dwarf planet after extensive argument on what a planet was. The distant, ice-covered world is no longer a true planet, according to a new definition of the term voted on by scientists today. For the next six or seven months the Solar System words - 6 pages distant planet from the sun is also the weirdest. In Pluto lost its status as a planet of our solar system after a heated scientific debate that had gone on for years. Earth has life on its surface. Pluto, Haumea, and Makemake. Indeed, most of the problem is that there is no formal definition of a planet. This was based on changes in Neptune's and Uranus' orbit that indicated a large mass was tugging on the planets. The definition of planet was changed and reworked until , when the current official definition was created.

The four newly spotted moons may have formed from the collision that created Charon. As Pluto orbits the sun, the planet spins on its axis.

Source: NASA. A hydrostatic equilibrium shape means the object is symmetrically rounded into a spherical or elliptical shape

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Pluto: A Planet? Essay