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Parents who admit to their mistakes, learn from them, and strive to better themselves can serve as powerful influences for children's emotional growth.

This will teach them to reevaluate their actions when they get mad. Parents cannot force their children to eat healthier foods or spend less time on TV on their own.

Consider the energy in your own family. A parent controlling the child by beating him or her up or using some other negative reinforcement will certainly make the child lose the trust in parents thus weaken the parent-child bond.

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It should be noted that teaching by example is the easiest and most effective way to teach children than forcing them to obey rules by either threatening or scaring them.

For example, do you want your children to: develop a strong work ethic? Respect yourself and your child will follow your lead.

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All the complications. Would you say hello on the street to a stranger or hold a door for someone at the store? Kids respect adults who live by the rules they preach. Show respect for others. All the complications, challenges, barriers, obstacles a child encounters in her or his childhood can be overcome if it is correctly approached through their parents. Take the time to listen and share their concerns, so they feel both loved and respected. Their actions after this are important. Being a role model is one of the most important jobs as a parent. Essay Topic: Society Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Significance Role models are human; they make mistakes. We live in a demanding society and anger is one of the natural reactions.

They learn how to behave by seeing how their mothers and fathers behave and by following their example. They are often admired by the people who emulate them.

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Multiple generations of the same family enter into the same profession: law enforcement, fire prevention, medicine, law, teaching, etc. Parents should evaluate how they treat other people such as strangers, family members and friends.

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Your children will see your example — positive or negative — as a pattern for the way life is to be lived. The chances of your children growing up to be altruistic — to be willing to act for the benefit of others, even when there are no tangible rewards involved — are better depending on the kinds of role models children grow up with. A child is easily motivated in class when the parents are regularly checking their books and attending to academics. For example, consider how you: handle stress and frustration express anger and other emotions treat other people deal with competition, responsibilities, loss, mistakes celebrate special occasions take care of yourself what you eat, how much you exercise, balance your commitments Model through your Words Your children are not only watching you carefully for clues about how to be; they are also listening to you. It should be noted that teaching by example is the easiest and most effective way to teach children than forcing them to obey rules by either threatening or scaring them. Managing stress, anger and other hurtful feelings is one of the most valuable tools parents should teach their children. Parents should be an example to their children but it is not easy because sometimes they can argue with a relative or say something that they regret later. By addressing problems and conflicts in their own lives such as trying to lose weight or handle a demanding supervisor at work and sharing the process in an age-appropriate manner, parents can encourage their children to address their own concerns. My parents always show and teach us the good values so that we can past it on to the next generation. Children whose parents have healthy self-esteem tend to be more confident and hold themselves in higher regard.
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