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Survivors can also register at a disaster recovery center. Call possible lenders, providing a brief profile of you and your business to see if the lender has an interest in exploring the possibility of a loan.

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You will need to register and answer a few questions before lenders contact you. It works the same for all types of businesses. Bill can be reached at bfay debt. In order to qualify as a small business, your firm needs to meet the government's definition of a small business for your industry. These loans, like other SBA loans, are guarantees to lenders, not direct loans to businesses. So you have to apply for a loan on your own and be turned down. Access to Capital The SBA loans that are made by its partner banks, credit unions and other lenders are partially guaranteed by the federal government. Ask, 'What can I do? Determinations by the Assistant Administrator for the Disaster Assistance Directorate of the types and extent of FEMA disaster assistance to be provided are based upon findings whether the damage involved and its effects are of such severity and magnitude as to be beyond the response capabilities of the state, the affected local governments, and other potential recipients of supplementary federal assistance. The lender will ask questions and you should be prepared to provide detailed information in response. Operates primarily within the United States or makes a significant contribution to the U. You should discuss your business including the loan you are requesting a formal written presentation is not required. By guaranteeing that the loans these institutions make to small business will be repaid, the federal government diminishes some of the risk to financial institutions so that they are more likely to consider lending to small businesses -- businesses they likely would have turned down without those guarantees. But after the credit crisis that started in , banks seized up on loans to businesses and individuals and, in general, were lending only to established large businesses that were already highly capitalized.

And you need to have a business plan. Other categories include Community Express, for businesses needing financial and technical assistance in underserved communities, and Patriot Express, which are designed for businesses majority-owned by veterans or members of the military.

Make sure to check the qualifications for the particular loan you want to determine your eligibility before applying.

Need help with my sba

These loans, like other SBA loans, are guarantees to lenders, not direct loans to businesses. FEMA grants do not have to be repaid.

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Bill can be reached at bfay debt. Disaster Assistance One of the most important functions of the SBA is to help small businesses that were hit by disasters.

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SBA Disaster Loans: How Do You Qualify For One?