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Christianity reborn: the global expansion of evangelicalism in the twentieth century. He was followed, three years afterwards, by the Rev. The gateways prominently expanded to include the aforementioned trade routes through the Eastern shores of the African continent.

They were followed in turn by the Methodists and the Roman Catholics. In Albert Academy was founded in Freetown; for-a long lime it was the secondary school in the Colony serving largely children from the provinces, among them were the future heads of state, Sir Milton Margai and Dr.

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Some early success included the Liberian coast where Afro-Americans and freed slaves were converted. For instance, on 2nd Octoberthe Baptist Missionary Society was formed followed by the interdenominational London Missionary Society which was established in Within ten years the C.

However, the early missionaries established medical centres, at first at their mission posts, and later far and wide, to attend to the sick.

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Would this not ruin much of their effectiveness? In the earlier stages of the Ottoman Empire , a Turkic form of Shamanism was still widely practiced in Anatolia, but soon lost ground to Sufism. There are a few cases where missionaries did help to deceive Africans in these dealings, but the evidence is overwhelming in showing that missionaries used their role as intermediaries to help and to benefit Africans. The expansion of the missionary movement into Africa was part of the growing conception of Christian responsibility for the regeneration of African peoples. Modern missionary work in the United States has increased greatly in the last one hundred years, with much of the recent demographic growth driven by conversion. Food Lastly, the missionaries were not used to eating our local foods. According to Historians Elliot and Dowson in their book The History of India as told by its own Historians , the first ship bearing Muslim travelers was seen on the Indian coast as early as C. Hugh Goldie and William Anderson. The people received the message with indifference. Meanwhile, the Scottish missionary, Mary Slessor, had established a reputation in the Cross River area as a nurse.

People in government tended to visualise Africans as occupying only the lowest social, economic and political position in colonial society while most missionaries were not so restrictive and were much more responsive to African aspirations.

Even more numerous are the examples of the sons of missionaries who became government agents; they often could speak an African language and were presumed to have a greater knowledge of African societies. The Methodists, known as the Wesleyan Missionaries after their founderarrived in Freetown in Establishment of Christian Churches In The Gambia The vast majority of the people of The Gambia are Moslems; but a sizeable percentage of the population, especially in and around the capital Banjul, are Christians.

Inthe first newspaper in Yoruba, called the Iwe-Irohim, was published by the missionaries. It was not until that the government opened a teacher training college and a technical school in Accra.

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6: Christian Missionary Activities in West Africa