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Amongst other things which are the glory of Rome is this, that no nation has ever been contented with milder punishments. It seems that Livy had the financial resources and means to live an independent life, though the origin of that wealth is unknown.

The commanders then came forward, in order to concert measures for a pacification; and they not only concluded a peace, but combined the two nations into one,Y.

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The people of Fidenae, where a Roman colony existed, were induced to go to war by a compact on the part of the Albans to desert to them; the Veientines were taken into the plot. An XML version of this text is available for download, with the additional restriction that you offer Perseus any modifications you make.

A severe action was fought at the Silva Malitiosa.

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In the beginning of the tumult, Numitor, calling out that the city was assaulted by an enemy, and the palace attacked, had drawn away the Alban youth to the citadel, on pretence of securing it by an armed garrison; and, in a little time seeing the young men, after perpetrating the murder, coming towards him, with expressions of joy, he instantly called the people to an assembly, laid before them the iniquitous behaviour of his brother towards himself; the birth of his grandchildren, how they were begotten, how educated, how discovered; then informed them of the death of the usurper, and that he had himself encouraged the design.

He created a hundred senators; either because that number was adequate, or because there were only a hundred heads of houses who could be created. Such, however, were the impatience and anger of the Caeninensians that even the Crustuminians and Antemnates did not display enough energy for them, so the men of Caenina made an attack upon Roman territory on their own account.

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Livy I: The Rise of Rome