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Some stores even have a bespoke play area. However, that does not mean that the raw material used is of cheap quality. The prospective customers are primarily situated in Asian countries such as Indonesia and India.

Marketers must create a place or a way for logistics and physical delivery to get a product to market and into the hands of target consumers McColl-Kennedy and Kiel, Sydney: Prentice Hall. Marketing and management theorists agree on the simple concept of price.

Some of its TV advertising is considered controversial whilst others see it as pretty plain.

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Services include restaurants and play areas. Products are transferred from suppliers to IKEA stores directly. It can be included locations of stores in shopping malls and megastores, online orders and deliveries.

IKEA Group operates stores in 28 markets around the world [2] Additionally, IKEA has 22 Pick-up and Order Points in 11 countries, 41 Shopping Centres in 15 countries and 38 Distribution sites in 18 countries [3] The global furniture retailer also uses online sales channel extensively to sell its products to the target customer segment.

As Barnes et al describe, "the people involved in every transaction have a major role to play, and can be a major force in the customer's decision processes.

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Irrespective of your preferred style, there is always something that matches your style and choice available at IKEA. IKEA catalogue is a form of direct marketing, to allow consumers to buy their products immediately. Its vast product range includes nearly everything that you would need or want to furnish your homes. Regardless of which individual style that suits according to consumer preferences, there is bound to have suitability products for every households. It not only can explore the potential customers, but also to enhance the corporate image. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley and Sons. This will allow consumer to get the product at a lower cost and use of packaging. McColl-Kennedy, J. IKEA has a global distribution network i. Example: Manage and maintain quality inspection for every process goods, establish quality requirements from external suppliers.
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