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I haven't looked at Staples stock lately or what the compensation of the CEO is, but I suspect that they could well afford to treat their workers favorably and give them some basic financial security, and if they can't, then they should be willing to allow those workers to get the Affordable Care Act without cutting wages.

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Both involved the same thing: my overreaction to questions we've been wrestling with about the place of personal opinion pieces on our site. David Axelrod wrote in his book that you hated and weren't good at, he said, "bullshitting" about your position on marriage in ' Obama: Well, because I'm still hopeful that we can actually get a bill passed This is the same argument that I've made with respect to something like paid sick leave.

You've got the rural-urban divide. I also think that, unlike sometimes issues of race or even in some cases economic status, I think that there are a lot of people, including Supreme Court justices, who have somebody in their family or somebody that they know who's gay and, as more and more people came out of the closet and they said, "Well, gosh, well, I love that person. Rendering took 56 hours for a minute-long video. Obama: Just as a general rule, what we don't want to do is make other American citizens riper targets for the actions of organizations like this. Adam Johnson Since its launch as a scrappy clickbait site in , BuzzFeed has grown to become one of the biggest names in online media and news, venturing into serious news coverage of politics and world events in attempt to add gravitas to a name typically associated with levity and listicles. I always felt that same-sex couples should be able to enjoy the same rights, legally, as anybody else, and so it was frustrating to me not to, I think, be able to square that with what were a whole bunch of religious sensitivities out there. He ran the KGB. I think that one of the biggest challenges in our politics is always how do we get all of us to recognize what we have in common. I thought somebody had died, maybe.

Do you think that's right, that there is a need to reach out to them more? Margaret Sullivan at The Washington Post wrote of the release, "It's a bad idea, and always has been, to publish unverified smears".

how to write an article for buzzfeed obama

Race is just one of them. Obama: Well, first of all, my immediate reaction is heartbreak.

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So I think it will be a fascinating debate. Army launched its own investigation into whether McChrystal and his team were insubordinate, and concluded that the most inflammatory comments were made by an officer in the Navy Special Warfare Group, according to The New York Times.

Friends believed that Michael's line of work led to a "paranoid state. Obama: You know, I don't want to psychoanalyze Mr. Having Peele do the voice gets the video more attention, but there are probably voice actors who could do an even better job. And I understand the policy review underway, you're ruling out ransoms. You know, there is bipartisan support for the bill, and, as has been true in a lot of instances, including on immigration, my preference is always to actually get legislation passed because it's a little longer lasting. David Axelrod wrote in his book that you hated and weren't good at, he said, "bullshitting" about your position on marriage in ' Obama: Well, what we've done is called on Congress to create a program that preserves what we need in order to fight against potential terror attacks on the homeland while addressing the concerns of privacy critics and libertarians. Or was it just their moment and it really wasn't about what they did? That sometimes you just have to be very clear that this is what's right.

You've got the rural-urban divide.

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This PSA About Fake News From Barack Obama Is Not What It Appears