Hbs aqualisa quartz case write up

Situation Analysis a. Even though boiler is installed in the electric shower to give desired temperature but it has a poor water flow.

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Within this large number of potential consumers, the goal of the ad campaign would require that only a small argental of them get their plumbers to install the Quartz. For this reason, Aqualisa has to find ways to reach plumbers and to make them loyal to the brand.

We have analyzed that less time and efforts are made towards educating plumbers about the Quartz.

Hbs aqualisa quartz case write up

People are unaware of benefits of the Quartz. The most important issue is: how to increase the sales of the new product Quartz using new marketing strategies. Since most plumbers pay repair costs out-of-pocket, this will make them less hesitant to try our product.

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Reason for Low Sales We feel the primary reason being short-fall in the marketing strategy of the company. Once it is popular with the customers it will be a hit product and it can take Aqualisa to new soaring heights making it one of the highest selling companies.

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We will emphasize its installation time being one quarter of what they are used to, and how this will allow them to install more showers in less time. However, we see that this channel is not approached effectively for promoting Quartz. Be it electric showers poor water flow and bulky box , mixer shower valves Installation typically requires excavation of bathroom and power showers Regarded as less reliable than a mixer shower and pump combination and bulky box. In the long-term, we will also expand our target segments to include the Do-It-Yourselfers, a sizable group of consumers who install products on their own and generally shop at large retail outlets Exhibit Since the Quartz has a higher price point and its aesthetics are unparalleled in the current market, we are confident that it will do well with the premium customers. It is very easy to install as its size is of a shoe box and plumber has to drill a single hole into the ceiling above the shower. Also, Aqualisa has not devoted the necessary time and effort to soothe the fears of consumers who are wary of electronic showers. However, a low sale in Quartz is attributed to insufficient knowledge about the new products. The company has relied on the same marketing mix approach for the Quartz as its other products and this has resulted in disappointing initial sales numbers.
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Aqualisa Case Study