Freedom and resentment

moral responsibility essay

Likewise, if fatalism were true with respect to all human futures, then it would seem that no human agent could be morally responsible for anything. In the second kind of circumstance, one may abandon the participant perspective in relation to the candidate.

And the way she acts is strictly determined by her doggie nature. Jonathan Barnes, 2 vols. For example, some reckless jerk is darting in and out of traffic. Sorabji, Richard, And only one of them has anything to do with freedom or even resentment. Everybody is likely to blame him for being so reckless.

Determinism and morality

Kane, Robert, ed. Fingarette, Herbert, Waller, Bruce, Hieronymi, Pamela, Of course, we have to be careful here. Meyer, Susan Suave, Rorty, Amelie Oksenberg, ed. However, a noteworthy new trend amongst both contemporary hard determinists and others who conclude that the conditions for the applicability of our folk concept cannot be jointly satisfied has been the move to offer a revisionist conception of moral responsibility or something analogous to moral responsibility and its associated practices rather than to reject talk about being responsible outright.

During the Medieval period, especially in the work of Augustine — and Aquinas —reflection on freedom and responsibility was often generated by questions concerning versions of theological determinism, including most prominently: a Does God's sovereignty entail that God is responsible for evil?

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Freedom and Resentment