Factors that affect accountancy students shift to other courses

There is also a significant relationship between student accepting the offer in accounting program and past achievements 0.

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Research Methodology Method Used This survey study adopts the descriptive method. Furthermore, this research shows that there is a significant influence on the performance of accounting students and the important factors that play a role in determining whether to choose a public accountant as a career path.

Sometimes applicants who failed to meet some of these requirements are often ceded to other colleges which the applicant is suitable for. Accounting Horizons September : Therefore, stimulation is needed to make students start thinking seriously about their desired career since they are still in college.

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This should also be managed so as to enhance accounting students' interest in public accountancy profession. Involvement in sports and clubs shows various character qualities like leadership, honesty, respect, and 13 Our Lady of Peace School Antipolo City, Philippines teamwork.

In addition, the research also states that undergraduate students are familiar with the chosen profession as it is introduced very well during the lecture. Their eager desire for independence leads them to making the wrong decision and leading them to wrong paths in life. The factor that affects the most with regards to college course decision-making is the financial stability of the family.

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These courses include English, social studies, math, science, Foreign languages, and arts. Graduating high school students face one of the most crucial decisions in their lives, and that is future career decision.

If the career path of accounting students can be identified, the accounting education may plan a curriculum in accordance with the demands of work.

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A Study on Accountancy Students Shifting to Other Courses