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Do we enjoy thinking about how we might take a more "Thoreauvian approach" to our own lives? Does the hodgepodge of genres in Walden contribute something positive to its overall meaning for us?

And at still other times he is a social critic and moral prophet. How does Thoreau use one or more of the ideas of this author? Compare and contrast the views on nature expressed in Emerson's Nature and in Thoreau's "Walking.

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Discuss the significance of perception and perspective as developed in the writings of Emerson and Thoreau. In either case, you must provide hyperlinks to all of the materials you consult in developing all coursework. Does Walden appeal to our "sense of rebelliousness and individualism"?

After reading Thoreau, are we now eager to give them up? At other times he is almost a mystic writer, as when he compares the topography of ponds to the shape of the human soul.

Thoreau has inspired twentieth-century leaders such as Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, but it is not certain that he had any leadership potential himself, though he often posed as a kind of prophet for his fellowman. Is Thoreau a leader? If you plagiarize any part of your paper, you will receive an "F" for the paper and an "F" for the course.

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