Essay on tourism and assam

That's the spirit. The preparations are not that lavish and use of jaggery or sugar is main.

Problems faced by tourist in assam

Now you find some ways and tell us in the comment box below about what do you think why Assam tourism will be successful? The 'Elephant Rocks' in Morigaon District attract many trekkers. References 1. It may be noted that eco-tourism is yet to come to the take-off stage. Good promotional activity and awareness will definitely increase tourist visits to Assam. It is a small town less frequented by tourists. Hang Gliding Adventure:Who does not like to fly high?

Tribal communities in Tinsukia district have taken initiatives to promote ecotourism in the region. Handed down from one generation to the other the skill of Teracotta makes everything including idols of Gods and mythological creatures.

The general impression has been that any foreign or domestic tourist could be a soft target of the insurgents. This land has always attracted herds of people to explore and discover the gems of nature.

Sankardev Kalakhetra, Guwahati, has been organising, in recent years, spring festivals, on the line of the desert festival of Rajasthan, the Rangali Utsav in the month of April in which the various colourful shades of Assam are presented.

The folk songs and folk dance add charm to the celebrations of Bihu. The pottery tradition in Assam is ruled by the two potter communities, Kumars and Hiras, who make wonderful items like earthen pot and pitchers, plates, incense stick holders and earthen lamps.

give five suggestion to develop tourism industry in assam

Hajo City: A confluence of three religion, Hajo is located on the northern bank of Brahmaputra. All these can make Assam as one of the best destination of the tourists.

Assam has immense scope for eco-tourism, as its scenic natural beauty and favourable climatic conditions. But for a clear majority of these migrants, movement was coerced by flight from war and oppression or was enticed by labor recruiters who preyed on the desperately poor. River Cruise Adventure: Thinking of challenging the stalwart Brahmaputraeven if it is hazardous!

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Essay about Tourism in Assam: Status and Prospects