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In other words, high schoolers are more inclined to do things if their friends are also doing it.

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That is how life is. The school life is important for children as well as for the grown up students alike. From being an inexperienced freshman to a somewhat mature junior, and now a excited senior, things have really changed for me. Instead of my usual indifference about life, I found a light at the end of the tunnel. They have deciphered through the pros and cons to determine which would be the more effective and more promising for their school, teachers and students. My grades slowly when down the drain, I didn 't care what my grades were until I realized if I didn 't get my act together…. A man always remembers the good days he has passed. I will leave high school as a knowledgeable senior, knowing that there are many dangers to come upon in the real world. And the last day a student remember because he left the school weeping again.

But thanks to my sincere friends and true teachers I was always rescued. They could at least have the audacity to step to the side of the hallway and we wouldn't have a problem. I learned a lot freshman year, which is what made it my second favorite year of high school.

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For some, the freedom of college was the greatest thing, and for others the freedom was awful because they were so used to their parents being right by them when they needed something.

I would not be having good friends, good knowledge, good experience and the good memories.

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I have so many amazing experiences during my first year teaching. The only thing I can say is that I have learned. Probably more than half of you can think of one complaint about what the students do during classes specifically in the middle of the hallways. I had a lot of shortcoming. I did a lot of blunders and mistakes. I clearly remember my first day at school. The school life is the golden time period of learning. It just depends on how you procrastinate. We get good learning experience, the self confidence, motivation and the will to do the best.

I had decided that the Army Reserves would better suit my long term goals in life, even though I had no idea what those goals were I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do after high school, which was my first change.

We would go to all types of parties, graduation parties, themed parties, home coming parties and house parties. The sting is less harsh when you take baby steps to get there.

I had never taken the SAT, I never visited colleges, and I frankly did not care to because I had already made the decision and signed a contract to join the United States Army.

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I already had experiences of teaching college level students but not the high school students. Since middle school until now, my interests have waivered from being a nurse, to a cook, to being a psychiatrist.

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My Experience as a Senior in High School Essay