Essay on advertisements are misleading

False advertising essay

This has led advertisement to become an ethics issue since it is sometimes being done unintentionally whereas most of the times the intention is to fool the customer in making the purchase through attractive and misleading advertisements. Advertisement is also very important as it is a mass marketing technique. This means that the misrepresentation is a material one if it influences the consumer decision of buying the product or not. The organisations are attracting consumers with promotions of Green technology and services and companies claiming it to be green. Deceptive advertisement is not a new concept, instead it was practiced since the beginning of time and the trend is increasing in the business society with the passing time. Many adverts conceal or leave out important facts which might have otherwise made the people to not commit to a financial transaction of the product. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the ad must not always entail a purchase for it to be counted as deceptive; just the presence of misleading information or a false claim can demand an action against the company.

People can see many different kinds of weight-reducing advertisements on cable television programs, and these advertisements are always broadcast all day.

Advertising is considered one of the most important tools of marketing for attracting customers towards the company and increasing the sale of its products and services. Action was taken against these companies and they were made to modify their advertising and marketing practices.

Essay on advertisements are misleading

Retailers, airlines, weight loss programs, mobile phone warranties are some of the few companies who use this tactic for gaining sales.

There are several things which customers can look for while identifying a boundary between truth and deception in advertisements Stern, The history of advertising can be traced back as far as the Roman Empire, where posters advertising the gladiatorial games would be hung around for all to see.

Throughout the years, the expansion of advertising in big companies has expanded gradually, and has taken the form that is in our society. Advertisements often promise certain benefits which the products or services when purchased fail to provide to their customers.

All others who participated in the creation of deceptive ad are held liable by the law especially the advertising agencies that knew about the deceptive element in the ad but failed to substantiate the claims.

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The false advertisements have great influence mainly on children who demands many things from parents. InPETA created a billboard claiming a link between autism and dairy products. All age groups are targeted by false advertising, it is just a matter of how smart of a consumer you are.

false advertising law
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