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It is the character of Sandy who brings out this theme. Spark, like Sandy, converted to Roman Catholicism.

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Is it fire and brimstone. The formal qualities used by Spark extend further to the narrative technique and aspects such as speech. However Miss Brodie is proved to have contradictory views and the ultimate lack of success in her leadership skills is revealed when the girls end up rejecting her and go their own way in life. Also, the point of view t t Mansfield uses enhances the story and adds to the reader's misinterpretation of Miss Brill until the end of the story. He was the firstborn of Arthur Piaget and Rebecca Jackson. There are also several texts referred to within the primary text which bring out ideas of woman. The older generation is often left to live in nursing homes or remain in their own homes with no loved ones around.

She lives by herself and goes through life in a repetitive manner. It is a part of who people are. Miss Brodie's views on education differ so greatly from Mr Gradgrind's because she puts an emphasis on the fact that 'Goodness, truth and beauty' are more important in life than learning sheer facts.

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In this case, the omniscient narrator has been included in order to introduce a sense of uncertainty to the reader, as the narrative form initially seems to lack credibility and reliability.

This literature subverts a conventional idea of woman because unlike many literature texts, the central purpose of woman does not focus around them serving men, but to be powerful and dominating. One of the girls, Rose Stanley "shook off Miss Brodies influences a dog shakes pond water from its coat.

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