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Priestley makes a fascinating psychological point regarding the ways people react to guilt and responsibility in this last act. Gerald returns. When Mrs. They act and behave like real people. Tone is useful. During when play was set, the society was divided in terms of class structure. The Inspector explains that the girl discovered that the money Eric was giving her was stolen, and she broke off the relationship. Birling is creating a justification for her lack of responsible towards death Eva and the working class people. Birling, Eric. To make the final proof, Gerald rings the Infirmary to check. We are responsible for each other. In the morning, Mrs. Eric gave her money to keep her going—until she refused to take any more money.

Eric reveals that he first met Eva Smith in the Palace bar last November. Sheila is crying, Mrs.

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The heady, breathless glee with which Mr. Birling has collapsed into a chair, Eric is brooding, and Birling pours himself a drink. In their own heads, they will find ways out of it. The two made love again, although this time they talked a little. An Inspector Calls, J. We are members of one body. The two women exit. Birling, naturally, is delighted. The playwright gives the Inspector an aggressive tone here so that the character shows their determination to get to the truth. Is his role, perhaps, to bring together a series of separate deeds so as to make the Birlings and Gerald Croft realize their collective and individual responsibilities? However, there is a running thread of how attractive Eva Smith in the play and it is repeated.

In the morning, Mrs. We are responsible for each other.

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Ominously, the way he casts aside his own responsibility in favor of trying to prove that the Inspector was a hoaxer actually suggests that he is another Arthur Birling or worse in the making. Those five explicit choices help step up a discussion of the role that Eva Smith holds in the text. Almost as soon as the Inspector leaves, he is primarily considering the potential damage to his chances of getting a knighthood. Birling, naturally, is delighted. He bought her more drinks and took her home again. In the morning, Mrs. Gerald returns. The heady, breathless glee with which Mr. It is really critical and crucial that Mrs.

Birling is creating a justification for her lack of responsible towards death Eva and the working class people. The next time Eric met her, it was about a fortnight afterwards at the same bar.

Though this theme is maintained throughout the story, the author presents a moral when we understand that the Inspector can be in fact a ghost or an angel sent from God to transmit a message to this family. We are in the eye of the exam preparation storm and we are looking, as a department, at how we can help our students with the exams.

Who do you fancy most? He speaks carefully, weightily, and has a disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he addresses before actually speaking.

Here, all it takes is to know that they are not going to be held legally responsible in order to stop worrying about their moral responsibility. Yet we never suspect, when Gerald leaves, that part of his motivation for going might be some interrogation of his own; when he returns, that is precisely what he has been doing.

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Instead the Inspector silences them.

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