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Groups All of the above activities work best if carried out in groups as groupings make the tasks livelier and more enjoyable.

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The writer of a discursive essay attempts to present both sides of an issue, while showing why one side has greater merit. Once the final drafts are written, the students should then exchange their compositions so that they become readers of each other's work. Discursive essay topic Is a social media presence necessary in order for a small business to succeed? The teacher could code-correct, or simply underline errors, then help the students to reformulate their first drafts with the aid of the model text. Correction and Reading The first draft could be corrected in a number of ways, depending on your aims. Thereafter you have to conclude the essay. To write a discursive essay you have to decide position, study opinions of opponents and followers, and explain why one point is acceptable while the rest is not.

Discursive essay topic Is a social media presence necessary in order for a small business to succeed? The grammatical links can be classified under three broad types: Referents pronouns, the article "the", demonstratives Ellipsis leaving out of words or phrases where they are unnecessary Conjunction a word which joins phrases or clauses together Pronouns, whether subject heobject himpossessive hisrelative whoor reflexive himselfare often underused or misused by students while performing a writing task, resulting in either confusion as to the referent or tedious repetition of a noun.

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It can take 1, years for a bottle to decompose. Materials Needed to be sourced by teacher : A handout of the discursive essay she is discussing in the class. Opponents, however, argue that it is too risky.

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The above steps mentioned here have focussed on the varied classroom activities which promote the development of language use. Organising ideas After raising students' awareness of the grammatical and stylistic devices employed in the model text, students should begin to organise their mind maps into a linear format, i.

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Instructional Methodology Duration: 20 minutes Teaching Strategy ies : A discursive essay, sometimes called an argument essay, is a critical analysis of a controversial topic that supports an opinion about that topic.

This gives their texts a communicative purpose, as well as developing an awareness of the fact that a writer is always producing something to be read by someone else, rather than for the display of writing alone. If we, as teachers, can present writing as a stimulating process, and engage our students in the act of creating a text, then perhaps we can help them to improve the effectiveness of their writing.

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In a lesson I taught recently I asked my students to brainstorm the reasons why people take drugs. There are many types of writing but here we shall learn to write on discursive topics. Subject: Term: Topic: Period 2 Duration: 30 minutes Learning outcome s : Understand and learn how to approach a discursive writing topic essay, etc. Correction and Reading The first draft could be corrected in a number of ways, depending on your aims. Others, however, feel that the standards are already too strict and that rolling back emissions standards would jump-start the auto industry. Assessing ideas The relevance and practicality of the ideas produced during brainstorming can be assessed more objectively in the next stage, that is in encouraging students to extend their ideas into a mind map, or spidergram. You will have to decide whether you are for or against the topic provided to you and write and argue accordingly. This shows students that pronouns can be found by looking back or forwards in the text. Cohesion Cohesion refers to the grammatical and lexical connections between individual clauses. Technology: PPT - 1 Video 1 4. Extended learning: Find out from various sources discursive essays on different topics and write points for or against on them. Thereafter you have to conclude the essay.

Discursive essay topic Are plastic water bottles destroying the environment?

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20 Discursive Essay Topics That Make the Grade