Crystal report custom paper size c list

I found that, my crystal report is not getting any information from my system printer. If you wish to change it use PrintOutPutController api as explained in the test app. While Notepad, Word every application is detecting the System printer preferences properly. Its showing the paper size as Fanfold 15x12 properly.

For best results always use a specific Label printer and either a default label size or one that you can install onto each Users PC and Printer server. I tried this code also: bl.

The report is showing properly. Use the User defined paper size, as saved in the report Look for the closest match for the printer device and paper size and orientation.

Once they have been installed and configured open or create your report and select the Printer in the Page Setup menu. Assigned tags. CrystalReportViewer is the tool to show the report.

Due to this printer dependency, when reports are deployed to other computers, the print and view may not be as expected.

crystal report page setup adjust automatically

After that, If I change my system printer preferences from control panel then my crystal report is not reflecting those changes.

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