Consumer perception questionnaire thesis

questionnaire on brand awareness and brand perception

Since living in a technology driven world, people in the western countries have become used to take advantage of the services and devices which enable them to fulfil their duties faster and to enjoy more spare time. Anckar et al agree that the main reason for the failing of pure online food retailers in the last years was that they did not build any advantages over traditional brick and mortar companies.

Consumer perception questionnaire thesis

Greenspan E-commerce…, suppose that the largest amount of money spent online will be in the travel sector. The next part investigates literature concerning several German and UK companies and their approaches in depth. Another increasing role of the Internet is the information function. This research paper seeks to identify the factors that influence the consumer perception towards Bangladesh television. With that and an increase in average earnings of 3. The next objective is to understand the consumer behaviour concerning online shopping followed by food shopping perceptions. Chart 1: Searches carried out in Oct. They state that the type of product is not suitable for online shopping. Kristula no date states as the next major event the invention of the first e-mail program which was in The main limitation in this case is based in the sample size and structure. Ordered food products are picked by Tesco employees in the Supermarket.

Specific: 1 To identify the factors that influence viewers perception? Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Frequency Among the respondents Another finding was that concerns about privacy stopped consumer to purchase an item over the Internet.

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Within the 30 biggest companies world wide there are three British companies: Tesco on rank 10, Sainsbury rank 14 and Safeway on rank Product delivery is for digital products only. Regarding Bangladeshi channels which are mostly viewers oriented but BTV has not modified yet in terms viewer preferences. Students and some random office personnel were surveyed who fell in appropriate criteria. The awarding ceremony took place in early and was held by Queen Elisabeth. Germany has ranked 13 out of 60 countries compared in their readiness for ebusiness stated by the ebusiness Forum All groups came to the conclusion that the idea of sending information form one computer to another is only possible if the information is send by so called packet switching. Another point they make is that food is perishable. They state that Tesco. The major areas are banking, business services and insurance. T-online states that German consumers are alarmed by the economy and that the spending behaviour is deeply affected. They discover further that there have not been any serious online-only food retailers in Europe. There is no fixed definition for the word Internet existing. This builds a disadvantage for smaller businesses which can not afford to pay. Fifth a good online appearance and clear product information are important to let the customer feel comfortable.

Employees have to be paid to pick ordered articles in the store. Lack of customization As BTV is covering the whole nation, their programs are not customized rather they telecast randomly.

questionnaire to understand customer perception

The BBC stated further that major problems occur in eastern Germany where the unemployment rate is double than in the west.

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