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I tell the children what I expect of them and use positive words to guide their behavior. I provide materials and activities that are age-appropriate so that each child can experience success.

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Once the observations are completed, my co-teacher and I analyze the data and use it to plan appropriately for each child. I encourage the children to express themselves creatively through movement, music, play, and art. My co-worker and I work very hard and cooperatively to make sure that the goals and objectives that we have set for each child are met.

I also respect family diversity. I also follow the regulations set forth by the State of Georgia to ensure that I am providing the best quality service to children and their families.

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T principals as I am now while working at Bright Horizons. I write progress notes and send them home on a daily basis. I keep all information on the children and their families confidential.

This is important to ensure the child's development is encouraged at home and in the classroom. I believe young children learn best through physical movement and interaction with their environment therefore, they must be provided with endless hands on and movement opportunities and e!

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Today my teaching practices mirror those of my second grade teacher. I keep all parental information shared with me confidential.

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I keep the parents informed of any progress or concerns I have regarding their child. She was very caring, nurturing and loving. Every year in the summer I attend many different workshops and trainings that help my professional growth. To maintain a commitment to professionalism by conducting myself in a professional manner at all times. I have an understanding that I represent our school and I have to use good judgment when making decisions that affect children in our pre-schools. Through gross and fine motor development s ill building, young children are mainly using their senses, of touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste, to start ma ing sense of the world around them and giving meaning to the information being given. I also work with my other co-workers and administrators in the center to ensure that the center environment is clean, organized and well maintained. Learning Environment - In my classroom, I make sure all toys are within the children's reach. Toys are washed daily or more often if needed. Today, I am knowledgeable of child development, and I practice appropriate guidance techniques daily.
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