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This is because container lines are all selling more or less the same standard product, and brands are therefore of less value than in the cruise shipping industry, where they reflect a strong regional anchorage.

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We do this by providing avenues through which they can learn and grow in their career path. The overwhelming dominance of a few major players 23In a register of the world cruise fleet, a large number of medium-sized and small cruise lines can be identified, but no real mega player seems to be dominating the market.

Barriers to Entry.

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For us, it is simply the right thing to do, and we take great pride in our commitment and environmental leadership. While the cruise industry has some degree of undifferentiated products, including such products such as amenities, excursions, and ships, which can all be mimicked y other cruise lines, Carnival still has a moderate level of product differentiation from its rivals. We have an additional ten next-generation cruise ships on order that will also be powered by LNG both in port and on the open sea — an innovation that reduces carbon emissions to help protect the environment. Structure of the world container fleet as at by number of ocean-going ships. Sustainable Business Award - Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Carnival Corporation The award recognized Carnival Corporation and its nine brands for their leadership role in developing innovative environmental initiatives. And on the other hand, there were at that time two different German brands marketed under the umbrella of Seetours , a conventional product Arosa and a club ship operation Aida. In the recent history of cruise shipping, there has been only four exceptions to this general trend of keeping the individual identities of the lines being bought, namely for Home Lines merged into Holland America Line, for Admiral Cruises merged into Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, for Royal Cruise Line merged into Norwegian Cruise Line, and for Sitmar Cruises merged into Princess Cruises. Within North and Central America, the Caribbean will account for some 41 per cent of the world offer in , but this average yearly figure is not very meaningful, as cruise shipping is a highly seasonal industry; actually, the Caribbean were due to account for 56 per cent in the first quarter, against for just 35 per cent in the second quarter and for 27 per cent in the third quarter, before rising again to 49 per cent in the fourth quarter ibidem. Monopolistic firms have no close competition, selling undifferentiated products that are unique to only that company with no close substitutes. The high value of cruise brands 28In the container industry, a lot of mergers took place. In a perfectly competitive market, firms compete against a large number of competitors while selling an undifferentiated product. Their 25 member lines and the competitors included in their figures carried about 8.

It excludes old vessels idle for some time and with little prospects of sailing again including the above-mentioned United States, but not the Norway that was still in service at that timethe more so as the latest SOLAS rules for safety at sea are coming into force.

By adopting this approach, Carnival Corporation has become a pioneer in the industry. It reached 6.

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There is probably room for more mergers or acquisitions in this segment of the shipping industry, perhaps not in the top four or five because of the antitrust rules in the United States and in Europe, but below in the ranking.

Therefore, many of the vessels shown in our tables as on order have been delivered in the meantime, and other new orders have been placed in and for container ships as for cruise ships.

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Christine is a dynamic leader with more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry. In February , Carnival Triumph was off the coast of Mexico when a fire in the engine room left it helpless and without power at sea. In fact, our brands have female officers at various ranks. As of November 30, , we operated cruise ships, with a total passenger capacity based on double occupancy of , guests. Table 9. However, there were 61 panamax-sized vessels with a beam up to The three Carnival Corporation cruise line brands were honored in for efforts including use of shore power, environmental education, use of biodegradable cleaning products, reducing waste and a recycling incentive program. The latest ship, Carnival Breeze, made its debut in spring of , and has the opacity to entertain 3, passengers with its 1, member crew on its current voyages out of Miami to the Caribbean and Bahamas. In addition to its own brand, Carnival has also acquired several smaller cruise lines. The high value of cruise brands 28In the container industry, a lot of mergers took place. As Table 9 shows, out of the cruise vessels in service as at , were infrapanamax-sized namely with a beam of less than feet or Together, they accounted for ships, that is slightly less than half of the fleet, but as there were much bigger than average, their combined shares reached
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