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These tools can be used independently or in addition to others to further enhance how you learn to write Chinese.

chinese writing app for pc

As a student of the Chinese language, I have never regretted upgrading my Pleco software. You can have more than one keyboard selected at one time, it just means that these are the keyboards that will be readily available to you when you want to switch between keyboards.

Did you get it? I've been able to learn more words in a day than I could in a week using my previous methods. With Apple, you can only use the system keyboard and then pick which languages you want to use.

Now, I can actually study all aspects of each word, which in turn leads to much better retention. Read more. Download the characters you're learning into trainchinese Chinese Writer for free!

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Write it in using the correct stroke order. This is a great app that is helping me reach my language goals. For iPhones and iPads including minis it is super simple to set up Chinese handwriting. You can even mix Pinyin, English and Chinese characters in one search to find as many results as possible, and one tap adds them all to your custom pack. If you see your Chinese handwriting keyboard is suddenly writing in English, you probably accidentally bumped the language toggle on the keyboard. So listen up and listen good! So I switch between 2 keyboards: my primary one and my Chinese handwriting one.

Part of the learning package includes a handwriting practice tool that teaches you to write a word using the proper stroke order. Tap it to get the handwriting option back.

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Best Tools to Learn to Write Chinese Characters