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Together, both of these items create the foundation of a configuration block. When you initially create your OU design, you should do so to enable administration. Replicator Manages domain replication functions. When ready, click on the Install button to for the installation to begin: Figure 6.

We discuss DSC in more detail in the next section.

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If you do not want this server to be a domain controller, join this server to your domain by using the Windows native tools. For management purposes, it is highly recommended that this role be utilized versus the traditional KMS Server model. This is depicted in the output of the netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces command, as displayed in Figure 3.

If this is a new KMS host, it is strongly recommended that the Windows activation command be executed in a command prompt to make sure that the Microsoft key has been registered with Windows.

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The idea is to operate on the principle of least privilege, meaning for normal operations you would use a standard user account with enough access to perform your job. The Volume Activation Services screen will provide a quick description regarding what is provided by installing the Volume Activation Services role.

WDS is covered in the Cert Guide, but in this section, we will assume you already have a prebuilt image and are looking to perform offline servicing of the image.

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How to Install and Configure Windows DNS Server Role