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The extreme increase in college costs means that fewer and fewer low-income students can attend college, and the wage gap grows larger. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Mexico, Germany and Finland are examples of countries that do not charge for tuition.

Arguments against free college tuition

Since , Vince Norton has worked in higher education administration, marketing, admissions, and enrollment management, for both not-for-profit and proprietary institutions. This could result in more underemployed workers who are not even able to make use of their educations. The high cost of a degree would no longer be an obstacle. Instead, the UK now has a system in which public universities charge tuition, but students don't have to pay anything up front. Once tuition becomes free, I predict increased abuse of withdrawing from classes. If you feel strongly that college should be free, you may want to research the topic and get involved with political action designed to further that goal. Getting rid of tuition would eliminate this reason for not graduating. Are There Better Alternatives? But the issue of why college should be free isn't just an economic one. In effect, the government — and taxpayers — would be subsidizing the rich.

During the primary season we heard a lot about the issue of free college. A better-educated population could result in smarter decision-making at every level of society, which could lead to faster progress in solving our most difficult, collective challenges.

This could end up decreasing access to higher education rather than increasing it, say those who argue why college should not be free.

Reasons why college tuition should be free

After all, the staff, as much they may like to, cannot work for free. Not sure what the arguments for and against free college are? Many more jobs today are knowledge-based or require advanced technical skills than in the past, to the extent that there are sometimes not enough qualified people to fill the positions. That's because providing free public university was actually shown to reduce the quality of higher education and lessen access to educational opportunities for lower income students due to necessary caps on enrollment. A better educated workforce would be a boon to American economic growth and at the same time increase tax revenues. But how does this affect me today as a high school senior? If more students start enrolling in college because it is free, costs will escalate. On the other hand, making college tuition cheaper could actually increase taxes and decrease jobs. Those opposing free college worry about the ever-growing costs of going to college and increasing enrollments will make publicly funded college tuition unfeasible. The Morrill Act of enabled land-grant colleges to be created by states on federal lands so that higher education could become available to Americans in every social class. So, what about two-year colleges?

Unlike Oregon and Tennessee, which make a two-year education at the community college free, Governor Cuomo has expanded the concept to most four-year state schools in New York. These are the kinds of students who are currently attracted to smaller private institutions where crowds are smaller and instructor interaction is more personal.

A split should be made between the student and the state, meaning both have an equal stake and responsibility. Today it would take more than a full year to make enough.

Once tuition becomes free, I predict increased abuse of withdrawing from classes. He also advocated compulsory schooling. People who are homeless, single parents, or otherwise struggling to get ahead.

But as enrollment grew over the years, so did the funding requirements in each state.

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Students may not learn to become as financially literate or independent as they should be, choosing instead to stay dependent on government programs whenever possible.

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